At Karana Downs, the lady kept my card from when I told her to let me know if it was ever for sale back a couple of years.. but now it's not needed for my fleet.

It's a 1980 model, mustard in colour and about the only blemish she mentions is a slight tear in the hoodlining where "Mum was careless with something one day."


Some very slight rust bubbles are showing in the usual spot along the sills, but otherwise nothing, I'm told.

It goes well etc, has no problems, at 325,000kms the lady feels it is "just run in."

The phone number is 07 3201 0836. They have decided to get a newer car and are looking at trading it in, but really have no idea what it is worth. They were hoping for $3000, but I told them I don't think that's reasonable and that $2000 might even be a bit much. But as a trade-in?

Anyway, if you want a nice 2-owner (her father owned it first and passed it on) car that's original and in good shape, give Tracey a call.