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Anyone out there interested in:

1974 504 manual - no bonnet, boot, lights, alternator, starter motor, bumpers or internal door handles - Wheels to be returned to owner.Just about everything else intact - Still driveable last Sunday (til we pulled the bonnet starter etc etc). Was registered daily driver until a couple of months back .

1987 Peugeot 505 sLi Wagon shell - Metallic blue - no motor, transmission, rear axle, instrument panel etc etc. Basically its the body plus doors (with some damage on LH), tailgate, frh panel some seats, and few other bits and pieces - in other words pretty thoroughly stripped. Front suspension/ brakes etc still in place, but LH unit seriously bent. Steering rack looks OK - subframe distorted in front of the steering gear on both sides. Rust free - was my own daily driver until run into late last year. Thought about repairing but didn't have the energy

The price - I reckon $50 the lot, but I'm willing to come down. The catch - you have to take both vehicles and pick them up by the next sunday.

Located in St Andrews, Melbourne

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