I am selling my Pride and Joy as i now have a company car and i have no use for my baby as it is just sitting doing nothing and i dont have the time to drive it any longer due to work commitments.


11/2005 Peugeot 206 GTI 180 rego "180HP" in Aegean Blue, just clicked over 20,000kms with full log book servicing. The car was just serviced last week! All the usual options and refinements! Full logbooks, service & fuel use history. I have even kept a log of every time i have checked the tyre pressures and fluid levels not mention quite a few other things.


I have looked after this car better than my WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
and have had it serviced three times already instead of the required two (one
every 10,000kms). This car has been driven once a month since i bought it brand new from City Automotive in Newstead Brisbane. I am the only owner and driver of this car as i never let anyone drive my cars! The car has been treated with care and not thrashed like quite a few GTI 180's are. The car has been treated with a "Tough Seal" paint protection kit which adds to the factory Peugeot paint protection but helps keep the paint that little bit better. This protection kit took the applier 4 hours of hand labour to apply as i asked and paid for a double application as i am abit of a fuss pot! I have noticed a HUGE improvement in this cars paint compared to other GTI 180's of the same age or older! The left hand rear rim has a scratch in it where a gutter had an small walking speed argument with the Alloy Rim and has marked it just on the lip near the tyre bead. The tyre is undamaged and the mark is not very noticeable but i almost cried when it happend. There are no other marks on the car other than a scratch in the paint under the rear bumper that has been repaired and is not noticeable unless you get under the car. The interior of the car is AS NEW! And the rest of the car is AS NEW also!! I can email pics of the car if required. I personaly wash & detail the car every 2 weeks. I even clean the engine bay and inside the doors and hatch each and every time i wash the car. I chamois the car dry including all the door jams and under the bonnet and the rims are removed once a month for cleaning under the wheel arches and behind the rims. The car is always garaged and is kept with a car cover over it in the garage so not even dust gets on it!

Jason Meech
Collingwood Park QLD (Western Suburbs)
0419 748 606

I am asking $29,500 ono for the car, i have only just renewed the registration so it has 12 months rego, and i will provide a roadworthy certificate upon sale. The car has personalised plates "180HP" on QLD lexmark indy plates and these are to be sold sepparatley unless the purchaser makes a deal with me that they are to go with the car, other wise i am asking an extra $800 for the plates on top of the advertised price of the car. I have advertised the plates elsewhere and have listed the car on several websites and several publications to sell the vehicle quickly.




please email or call me if you have a question about the car.
I will be sadened to see the car go.

Jason Meech