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    Default EOI: 505GR/GTi turbo

    I never imagined this happening, but the time has come for something to go, as I can no longer afford to keep two cars on the road.
    It's a 2/82 505 GR body with the following:

    15 x 6 superlites
    195/60/15 Dunlop LM 702's
    GTi front bar (slightly altered for better intercooler flow)
    Bonnet retaining pins
    Koni Reds (internally adjustable, I think)
    Lovells springs (lowered 2")
    12" aftermarket steering wheel
    After market tacho, boost, volts, temp and oil pressure guages
    Momo Corse fixed bucket seat(adjustable forward and back, sits on original Pug rails)
    Woodgrain aftermarket gear knob
    Pioneer 6" three ways
    Pioneer CD player

    The mechanicals:
    2.2l ZDJL motor. Ported & polished (inlet ports matched to manifold), skimmed (for more comp. prior to turbo), 5 angle valve grind, 2mm head gasket (to reduce the comp. ratio)
    EMS 4424i reprogammable fuel/ignition ECU. Also has two PWM/on-off auxilliary outputs. Can be used for t/fans, water spray/injection, nitrous, electric water pump, you name it. Also has anti lag!
    Garrett T25 watercooled turbocharger (rated at approx.150KW)
    Toyota Supra intercooler with custom mandrel bent plumbing
    Show off valve
    Boost controller
    Davies Craig 12" thermo fan
    Battery moved to the boot
    Custom stainless airbox
    K & N pod filter
    3" mandrel bent mild steel exhaust from turbo back, no cat (early '85 motor, so it's legal), Lukey muffler
    Lightened flywheel
    Valeo clutch replaced approx 20,000 k's ago
    VL turbo fuel pump
    Brand new fuel lines
    Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    330cc injectors
    Custom stainless teflon oil feed line to the turbo
    EB Falcon TPS, Commodore ATS
    Oil/air separator


    What does this translate to? Full torque from 2000-4500rpm, approx 280nm. Current output: 150 rear wheel hp on 8psi. It goes very, very well. The turbo runs out of puff above about 5000rpm, but the torque negates the need to go any further up in the rev range. It's quite capable of wheelspin up to fourth gear in the wet, and third in the dry. It's quite noisy so for commuting I would suggest earplugs.

    What it needs: the paint is OK, but the roof is faded although is has been polished. It has an indentation over the rear right wheel arch also (approx 15mm deep, quite repairable). It needs a re-trim to be 100% "showy".

    I am willing to part with it for the right amount, but also understand that this is something which would appeal to a select few so I am flexible on pricing.
    If you need more info or wish to see it, my number is 0407 590 412 or PM me (I'm in Brisbane). I'm willing to consider any offers, bearing in mind that I have 16K in receipts. All receipts available upon request, including dyno printout. I'd prefer to see it go to a loving home...
    I'll consider anything over the 5K mark....
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    505GR/GTi turbo: For sale. Cheap rally car!
    1989 405Mi16 (RIP)
    1983 505STi (RIP)
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    OK, I'll name a price: $5000 ono. That's bloody good value. If you would like to know what it's like to drive, let me know and make a short video clip of the Pug in action, or you can drive it if you're in Brisbane/GC.
    505GR/GTi turbo: For sale. Cheap rally car!
    1989 405Mi16 (RIP)
    1983 505STi (RIP)
    1982 505GR (RIP)

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