im looking to buy in near future,a 205 gti wreck for 205 widebody project
.i dont need wheels , bonnet,front wings,front or rear bottom spoilers but will take em if thats how it comes ,motor is not an issue either. but dont want something that has beem written off in a accident,
just looking for a run down car that maybe dosnt go and some one is maybe havin a hard time getting rid instead of gettin $200 at the wreckers ill give you a little more[maybe if its worth it]
i dont need the car right away but will be looking to part with cash around the end of the year.
im in melbourne so locally would be nice but will consider country vehicles ,lookin at around $200-$1000 max.will go higher if its a car thats worth it .
any advice on this greatly appreciated contact or site -thanks -BAZZ
are my prices realistic?,please feel free to dialouge-BAZZ