Very good R12 wagon at Pick-a-part
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    Icon14 Very good R12 wagon at Pick-a-part

    I was at Pick-a-part (Fussell Road Kilsyth) today and noticed an R12 wagon for sale as a complete car.

    It's a 1973 model, manual. The body is very straight, there is a little rust in the bottom of three of the doors and front guards but not much else to speak of. The white paint is dull, it may respond to a cut and polish, I don't know. The paint below the fuel filler is crazed and cracked (from a leaky cap I guess), there is evidence of a bit of bog there too. The rear bumper isn't straight.

    The interior is great. Good dashtop, door trims and upholstery. Carpets look pretty good too. Good steering wheel and instruments. No tacho; means it's a TL? Tyres are good looking Pirellis.

    Under the bonnet, it's a bit oily but otherwise looks pretty good... but I didn't hear it running.


    The price on the window is $550, but I guess at a place like that they would be negotiable.

    This car is definitely worth saving! I think with a bit of effort it could be a very nice car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peujohn
    I was at Pick-a-part (Fussell Road Kilsyth) today and noticed an R12 wagon for sale as a complete car.
    Did you see any a good Fuego or 16 down there?

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