FS: 1988 505 GTI wagon
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    Default FS: 1988 505 GTI wagon

    For Sale

    1988 Peugeot 505 GTI wagon

    White, blue velour interior
    Owned since near new.

    Rego: PBF098
    Milage: 375000 Kms
    Location: Sydney.



    What's good:

    Drives well, no rattles or wobbles.
    Engine does not burn oil.
    Bodywork generally very good.
    No rust or major prangs.
    Interior very good.
    Engine runs well, cruises easily at 120Km/hr
    Gearbox good, easy shift, strong synchro.
    Clutch replaced at 270000KM, at this rate current is 1/2 worn.
    Almost everything electrical works.
    Aircon converted to new gas.
    Hayman Reese 1000Kg towbar
    Alloy wheels, 195/75 tyres around 5000km old
    Well maintained, generally oil changed every 5000km
    Major service done 8 months ago by Paul Vassalo, all fluids changed etc.
    Previous major services done by PQ Automotive.
    Generally whatever broke mechanically got fixed.
    Will be serviced next week by PaulV, inc. aircon service.

    Whats not so good:

    Engine leaks oil. Has piston noises when cold. Starter motor does
    the click clicks every so often - a relay would cure it.
    power steering has slow leak, top up only at oil change time.
    Gearbox leaks oil at worn selector shafts holes in upper housing.
    Has the usual gears spinning noises at idle with clutch out.
    Paint only fair but responds well to polish
    blemishes from previous repairs, esp bonnet.
    numerous small dings in doors from parking lots
    front ring hard guard damaged near headlight
    rear left guard dinged - both of these car parking lot damage.
    stitching in driver's seat redone.
    rear carpet damaged on tunnel.
    Rear window washer doesn't work, wiper does work.
    Spare wheel is steel, not alloy.

    This has been our family car for 15 years, and it's been everywhere.
    A good percentage of the miles have been long trips, Tasmania & Daintree through
    the NT, Adelaide. Been to Lismore so many times I've lost count. It's
    being sold now as the family has grown up and we don't need it anymore,
    I now have a C5 as the 'good' car. The proceeds from this will go towards
    probably a good BX 16V. It's worth investing the cash
    to fix whats wrong with it now. It isn't worth it for me to do it now
    unless I want to keep it for a few years.

    Realistically it will need engine work in the next 60-70000Kms. PaulV
    thinks the piston noise is probably a stuck ring - but doesnt think
    it is serious as it goes away completely within 5 minutes from cold.
    Its not the car for someone wanting concourse condition. It would be a good
    buy for someone willing to do the mechanical work and isn't too fussed
    about paint condition. I've seen a few of these with 270000Km+ and I don't
    think they drive any better than this one, and they were $6000+.

    PM me for more pictures or information.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FS: 1988 505 GTI wagon-wagon.jpg   FS: 1988 505 GTI wagon-wagon2.jpg  

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    Hi Barry,

    I might be interested. I'm looking for a 504 or 505 wagon to get ready for a trip through the outback. I want something like you describe yours to be - reasonable but not concourse. I would plan on replacing the engine with a diesel anyway so the stuck ring doesn't worry me unduly. In the meantime my son's car just died and it sounds like yours would do him for the next year or so until I'm ready for it.

    I'll speak with my son and email you privately. BTW, I'm in Canberra but my brother lives in Sydney so I could get him to do the initial looking for me.


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    It's gone to a good home in Canberra, and will be finding it's way up the Birdsville track in due course.

    It wasn't without drama though. Got a nail in a tyre last night, and had the tyre taken off to make sure it wasn't damaged inside (this is something I always do as getting a blowout at speed is not nice) It was of course. And they didn't have any the same. So, got another similar tyre so at least the spare was OK. At least I can be comfortable the new owner won't have tyre grief on his way to Canberra. I could cut three fingers off and still be able to count how many flat tyres I have had in this car, Sigh.

    I'm sure I will at times regret selling this car. Sixteen years and an awful lot of our family history. A guy I went to uni with still has the Morris that his father bought when he was born in 1954. He's got photos of himself sitting on the bonnet in nappies. I always liked the idea of keeping a car that was part of your childhood, but then I am a bit strange.


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    Thank you Barry. The Pug cruised like a dream on the way home. I gave it a tank full of Optimax and sat in those great Peugeot seats at 120-125kph. It never missed a beat, as I would expect, and I'd be happy to drive it straight out to Perth or wherever. However, I'll be replacing suspension bushes, checking everything out and making a couple of additions before I hit Birdsville.

    Thanks again and I'll send you a photo of the speedo when it hits 500,000km
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    Currently owned:
    1988 505 GTi S2 Familial
    1999 E46 BMW 328Ci, 2002 Falcon AUIII Ute
    Previously owned:
    ('78-'81) 1970 504 (with the beautiful French seats)
    ('81-'89) 1977 504 (took the family on postings to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra)
    Brother owned:
    203,403,404,504 (each when they were current vehicles)

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