For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.
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Thread: For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.

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    Default For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.

    I have purchased a new (modern) car because I am now travelling about 600 km a week. I don’t have anywhere to keep the CX under cover now, and won’t have much opportunity to drive it. I think it needs to go to an enthusiast who can care for it properly.

    1981 Citroen CX2400. 5 speed manual with carburettor engine. Currently showing 50,000 km. Enough documentation to be sure that this is 250,000 km but it could well be 350,000 km.

    I have owned this car for 15 years. For the first five years it was the ‘good’ family car and it has been my daily driver since. I mostly work from home, so it gets driven frequently although not strictly every day. Doesn’t cover huge mileage – some years were under 10,000 km. Kept under cover for all (?) of its life, it was certainly in better than average condition when I bought it. There is no evidence that it has ever had a bingle – not even a small one. This car is currently on full rego.

    I have done all of my own maintenance since I bought the car. I am a mechanical engineer by training and quite adept with my hands. I’m fussy about my cars and expect them to be as good as they can be. Engine oil is changed every 5,000 km. Hydraulic oil and coolant changed every two years. All spheres are replaced when they need it – every two to three years. I have two full sets of spheres that get re-gassed or replaced when needed. Everything works, anything that needed attention got attention. Anything that was dismantled was cleaned and painted properly and the area around it was also cleaned.

    Overall, it is still in pretty good condition. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across the country.


    All of the usual mechanical items have been rebuilt at some point. Brakes fully dismantled, cleaned and re-assembled with new seals. Suspension cylinders rebuilt with new seals and wipers and boots. Steering rack overhauled with all seals replaced. Height correctors overhauled. Front and rear suspensions rebuilt with new seals and bearings, ball joints and bushes as required. Gearbox rebuilt with new bearings and synchro’s about 5 years ago. Changing up to 2nd gear still baulks a little when cold but is fine when it warms up.

    THE GOOD (in no particular order)
    Remote central locking kit fitted as an add on to the original central locking.
    All 4 brake discs and all pads replaced with new items last year.
    Grease nipple fitted to rear control arms.
    All spheres replaced last year.
    Recent new fuel pump.
    Headlights replaced with brand new units 4 or 5 years ago. Glass lenses fitted with a thick plastic stone guard – which has survived extremely well.
    Wiring to headlights replaced with remade loom and includes separate relays for low and high beam and for driving lights (that have never been fitted)
    Engine loom wiring replaced with new wiring and connectors. All redundant wiring removed (which didn’t leave much…)
    All the wiring around the battery cleaned up, trimmed to length with new connectors fitted. All earth wires trimmed with new crimps.
    Fuse box replaced with a new blade fuse type.
    All relays (under left side headlight) replaced with new units.
    The original two row radiator has been replaced with a re-cored 3 row heavy duty Australian made unit as fitted to early CX’s.
    Heater unit matrix replaced by a custom made brass radiator. No plastic ends on this one. Should last forever.
    Full and thorough rebuild of the air con system a few years ago. Included new condenser, new compressor and all new barrier hosing. Was set up for R134a, but I actually used Hychill in the end. Ventilation tower has been insulated. Front and rear evaporator housings fully dismantled, cleaned and re-sealed. Obstructions to airflow removed. Works well for a CX. Still not good compared to modern systems, and not really up to Brisbane summers, but as good as it gets….
    Ball valve tap fitted in the heater line. It is turned off for 9 months of the year in Brisbane.
    Alternator replaced with a standard Bosch 80A unit
    Head lining and door pillar trims recovered with new fabric. Head lining fitted with heat insulation pad. The lining is not perfect and is starting to pull away in the tight concave corners. Will probably need doing again in the not too distant future.
    Under dash trim parts have been re-flocked and are in as new condition. I have taken great care not to damage or mark the new surfaces.
    All door seals replaced with new genuine parts about 3 years ago.
    Bailey channel for the windows also replaced.
    Amateur respray (by me) to the bonnet guards and doors about 3 years ago. It is much better than the peeling paint that was on it – but it is a pretty ordinary job. Treated some rust in the door bottoms. There are a couple of spots where rust is starting to bubble again. No other rust in the car. Roof and rear of the car were repainted by a professional, probably in 2-pack. Still in pretty good condition.
    Alfa 156 mags in 16x6.5” with 205/55 ZR 16 Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres. Great combination and transforms the grip of a CX.
    Windscreen washer reservoir replaced with a used unit from a much later CX. Washer pump is incorporated and there is no split in this one, so it holds water and can actually spray it on the screen.
    Octopus and other engine bay return lines replaced. Currently no hydraulic leaks.
    Original (printed) workshop manuals Volumes 1 and 2.
    Vacuum advance distributor with working vacuum module. Currently running on conventional points.

    The front end is starting to get loose again. It doesn’t quite steer with the precision that it should. I have new ball joints, lower arm bushes and good used tie rods. It is probably time for new taper roller bearings in the upper arms and drop links to the anti-roll bar.
    Minor exhaust leak. There are small holes in the rear muffler, but I suspect the front resonator also. Not loud enough to draw attention, yet.
    Crack in front indicator lens from loose stones. Been like that for many years.
    Windscreen is starting to develop small bubbles in the middle laminate layer. It’s old and scratched and needs replacing anyway.
    Drivers side seat belt is a bit frayed.
    All of the above are potential roadworthy fail items if they are spotted and / or bad enough.
    Central locking actuator to the right rear door not working. The door can still be locked manually.
    Driveshaft/s seem to rumble a little sometimes. One or both may need replacing.
    The interior seat trim is original and pretty shabby. Front seats have high quality sheepskin covers that are still in great condition. They get washed occasionally.
    Carpet is serviceable – but showing its age.
    Front right door trim is a bit sad. Front left is OK. Rear door trims pretty good.

    There are several boxes of spares that will go with the car. Included are
    A full set of 7 spheres
    2 x front and 2 x rear brake discs, new and unused.
    Multiple full sets of front, rear and handbrake pads
    Handbrake cables – new.
    Throttle cable – new.
    Rubber boot that seals around the gear selector shaft on the firewall.
    Diravi steering controller bearing a “Reconditioned by Pleiades” sticker. Removed from a vehicle at the wreckers. Actual condition unknown, but probably good.
    Front upper and lower ball joints.
    4 x silentbloc bearings for the lower control arm.
    Upper engine mount dog-bone.
    Spare serviceable radiator. The original that was removed to make way for the heavy duty unit.
    A wide variety of ‘useful’ used spares that still have some life left in them.
    Lots of ‘useful’ items that may never be used…..
    The original Paris Rhone alternator with remote diode pack. I think the rotor wiring has problems and will need to be replaced. Contrary to popular opinion, I think these units are pretty good. I like the idea of remote mounting of the diode pack. Keeps it cool and brings the rating up to 100 amps.
    New genuine replacement for parcel shelf carpet
    New and used side rubbing strips – I haven’t got around to fitting these.
    Engine rebuild gasket sets. One has been opened with some parts used.
    Spare distributor with PowerSpark electronic ignition (that no longer works, but a replacement is cheap and it worked really well until it died - probably from overheating)

    This car is well used and well cared for, and still has lots of life left in it. CX’s are getting a bit beyond the daily driver role now, even for me. So it is time for a new home.
    I think it’s worth anything from maybe $3,000 up. But I understand how supply and demand works – so you tell me what it’s worth to you.
    Send a PM or phone me 0417 626 630. Car is in Parkinson, Brisbane. Still on full rego and can be test driven.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cx2400-1.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cx2400-2.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cx2400-3.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cx2400-4.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cx2400-5.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cx2400-6.jpg  

    For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cx2400-7.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cx2400-8.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cxalfamag.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cxbelttensioner.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cxfuses.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cxheater2.jpg  

    For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cxrearac.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cxrelays.jpg   For sale. Citroen CX2400 5 speed. Brisbane.-cxwiring.jpg  
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    I'm in Mackay tonight but have managed to book an early flight to Brisbane, so that means that I will be able to make it to French Car Day, probably about 10 a.m. Come and talk to me.
    Robert Thorne
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