S.A. Too good to wreck.
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    Default S.A. Too good to wreck.

    Have a look at this 505 wagon in South Australia.
    For anyone over that way, it has to be worth a look. It seems to have been an extremely straight car before this and the low down hit possibly means it has underbody damage or bent front subframes, but an engine out fix possibly could make it a screamer.



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    I can add something to this.

    I own a 505 GTI wagon, and it suffered a very similar smash a few years ago.

    It looks like this one, like mine, hit a towbar; which pushed everything in. Based on the experience with mine I doubt there is any serious structural damage. It is probably a writeoff because of the cost of repairs. You'd be looking at air con & engine rads, fans, bumper & plastic underbumer spoiler, air con conversion (if not already done), headlights etc, plus labour. This could easily result in a quote exceeding $5k, arguably more than the car would be worth.

    Depending on the condition of the rest of the car it could be, as Alan says, a good proposition to fix it up if you did the work yourself.


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