How do I fix and oil leak in a BA7/5 ??
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    Default How do I fix and oil leak in a BA7/5 ??

    How do I fix and oil leak in a BA7/5 ??


    Seems to be coming out past one of the selector shafts. I've done a search and it seems that this is not uncommon, but I couldn't find any info on how to fix it.

    ...or is it just one of those things where it's a smaller, easier (cheaper?) job to replace the gearbox?


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    It's much more common to have oil leaks from the selector shafts in a BA7/4 than it is in a BA7/5, as the /4 has the selector shaft coming from the bottom of the housing, constantly leaking oil. New or reconditioned housings used to be available from EAI for the /4. I don't think I've seen any for sale for the /5.

    Is there any play in the shafts? They could well just be worn out. You could always disassemble and sleeve them if it is a problem.

    Virtually all disassembly of the gearbox requires it to be removed first. You can get the extension housing off in-situ if you remove the torque tube and tailshaft and, if it's a wagon or a 404, the rear gearbox mount. But it is a pain in the neck to try to get it back together in there, it requires some very careful twisting to get the selectors to all line up. I've done it, so it is possible, but there is a lot of swearing involved. Ever since, and in future, I have and always will remove the gearbox for any work that requires it to be disassembled.

    I'm actually about to pull the gearbox from my 505 wagon. I will remove the engine and gearbox together as a unit rather than muck around between the engine and firewall trying to get to those pesky bolts there. I've long ago ruled out removing the gearbox alone unless I have a hoist, which I dont anymore.

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    If your BA7/5 is leaking from the selector shafts you will need to replace the O rings that seal the shafts.

    Remove the back half of the box and drive out the pin from the large shaft and slide the shaft out taking care to not loose the spring and top hats . Remove and replace the Oring.

    The smaller shaft will need to be carefully marked before pressing it apart. replace the O ring and reassemble taking care to align the marks .

    New O rings will be enough to over come any play in the shafts . The housings almost never wear enough to need sleeving.

    If you dont want to remove the shafts etc , you could just mail the housing to me , I have a jig set up to reallign the levers.
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    You could just ignore it and regularly check the gearbox level.
    The oil will preserve the undercarriage.
    Just hose it off for rego.....
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