I have recently bought a 98 Xantia V6.
Lovely car but the previous owner did some strange things to it ( hot wired the cruise control dash switch to the starter motor ??).
He also disconnected the heater. The two hoses are still in place. I have been in, under & all over the engine but can not figure out where they connect. No hose stands out as a non standard,... which I assume would be the "loop" hose.
I have dug & dug online to find diagrams or the like, even paid for a pdf of a manual (which was described as "all Xantia to 2000" it wasn't ! It didn't include the V6, it was just the same as the Haynes I have for my 4 cyld !!).


Can anyone assist with diagrams or photos of where the two hoses connect to the motor/ what ever, please.