Heat soak impact?
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    Default Heat soak impact?

    Just wondering if anyone has ever seen a turbo install where the compressor output pipe runs over the exhaust manifold?

    It would be similar to the setup below except the pipe would run the length of the cam cover (about an inch or so over the exhaust manifold) before then crossing the cam cover.


    What impact do you think it will have on the intake temperatures?

    All other post intercooler stuff is in a nice cool location on the opposite side of the engine bay but bonnet clearance issues prevent a simple crossover pipe straight out of the turbo.

    Would it be managed by ceramic coating the manifold (and maybe the turbo pipe) and putting a heat sheild between the two to reduce radiant heat transfer?

    The intercooler efficiency should very good so I'm not to worried about that side of things but I don't want to try and cool down air that is alot hotter than it needs to be.

    There is a way that I can get the pipe to take a direct route straight back over the cam cover, but it would involve a bit of fabrication and would look a bit average (although it will work fine).

    With the volume/speed of the air passing through the pipe, will this just be a complete non issue?

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    I can't answer your question - but there are some good articles on the AUTOSPEED web site - like this one


    That might help with some ideas.


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    Ceramic coating helps but there's a huge difference between good ceramic coating and bad. Some is just paint with ceramic flakes which makes some (little) improvement to under-bonnet temps, while others are plasma sprayed on and make a marked difference. Zircotec is one of the market leaders - I think they have an Australian agent.

    I'm not 100% sure but I think you'd be wasting your time and money coating the intake pipe as well. The heat shield should be able to deflect the heat from the exhaust manifold.

    I think the design will be an issue despite air speed and volume. The whole point of intercooling is to cool your charged air - whats the point of heating it up before you cool it if you can avoid it? Hot air is less dense, and less dense air means less power. I think the garret website (which has some pretty good tech articles) mentions some rule of thumb about under bonnet temp and power loss (2% per 100 degrees farenheit rings a bell but may be way off the mark) - and proper hp calculations/ compensations always factor in ambient temperature. Obviously the closer the intake pipe is to the exhaust, the higher the charged air temp will be. From a performance perspective I'd definitely avoid running the intake there.

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