406 rear vision mirror sensor
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    Default 406 rear vision mirror sensor

    I need some advice about the internal rear vision mirror on my Peugeot 406 HDi.
    The mirror has some sort of a sensor on the side of it that faces the windscreen. It is a small silver circle, about the size of a five-cent piece.
    I thought that it might be an automatic dimming sensor, but as best I can tell my car does not have automatic dimming. If it does, it is certainly not working.
    I want to replace the original mirror with a larger unit that incorporates a mirror/GPS navigation screen/bluetooth/reversing camera screen. Of course, if there will be a dire consequence if I remove the factory mirror I would like to know.
    The manual does not tell me anything, nor does a workshop manual, nor can I find mention of anything on the web.
    Does anyone know what this small silver disc is?

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    It isn't the sensor for the alarm/door lock/unlock on the ignition key is it?
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