404 drive trains
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    404 drive trains

    I'm now seeking advice about excessive backlash in a 404 drive train. I'd expect a little wear after 30 plus years but can anyone let me know how much is too much. Diff is not too noisy and there is no vibration in the tail shaft, just a lot of backlash as you put your foot down and off at lowish speed. Any suggestions Greg S


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    Probably the fibre washers in the diff have disintegrated. Or maybe the rear gearbox mount is coming apart.

    Graham Wallis

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    i had the same in one of the 404's i had once as well and pinned it down to a broken engine mount
    once that was replaced it seemd to get rid of 90% of the backlash effect that the car had
    so as graham has said also check the rear mount as well
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    My 403 has heaps of backlash too, but it only cost a couple of hundred. The diff and box are stuffed anyway.
    My 404 has almost no backlash at all.
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    Probably the fibre washers in the diff have disintegrated. Or maybe the rear gearbox mount is coming apart.
    Were these not called 'celeron washers'?

    You can destroy the early diff if you keep on driving with them too badly worn... the leverage that forces the sides of the 'hemisphere' apart is much greater as the sun and planetary gear teeth are engaged nearer their outer edges.

    This happened to me once, in a 203... I drove home after hearing two of the bolts break, but all of them were terribly stretched. Later diffs, of course, have bigger bolts, much bigger bolts. But the bolts in the diffs up to '64 (?) aren't so big.

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