ecotek ???????????????
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    ecotek ???????????????

    hey guys
    have you seen anything about this device that is supposed to increase performance and at the same time improve fuel consumption ?
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    i am as always a little sceptical about things like this.
    they seem to sound a bit like the magnet on the fuel line trick the poor old Mr Brock got caught up in years ago.
    there seems to be a lot on the site on how it is supposed to work and the claims that people that have tried it have made.
    it is based in the UK but hey if it is something that works it may be of interest.
    seems simple enough to fit to a car and in principal it seems as though it should work.
    have a look and see what you think

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    reviews look the goods
    whats the damage in AUD?

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    Those turbulence type things have been around for years and been proven to be of no real benefit. Save your $'s or just send them to me, I'll find a good home for them.

    Besides I've read on this site an Aussiefrogs sticker does the same things, and they are free too!

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    Guys save your money, they'll only "work" if your inlet has a massive restriction, as far as I'm aware the vacuum pulls through a one way valve and breathes in air through that mini filter. It looks pretty funny though

    I looked into them a while ago...

    The premise that turbulence in the inlet manifold creates more power is absolute rubbish, surely turbulence can only slow down the intake air velocity and reduce torque and power?

    The pug intake is pretty well tuned, and I'm sure if the Peugeot engineers wanted air turbulence or tumble for better mixing and fuel efficiency, they would have engineered it into the ports.

    The only way I can see it working is if you have an excessive restriction in the intake, the device will effectively remove it when required.

    cheers dudes

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    The ecotek has been fitted to my pug 306 1.4i (X Reg) and has made a considerable difference. im gettin more miles to a tank and low end flat spots are now gone. def a thumbs up from me. give it a try they offer a 6 month guarantee. u dont like or it dont work jus send back for a refund! head_ban
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