How you guys goin
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    How you guys goin

    Hey how are all you guys I havent been on the forum for a while now, but im now back. Just wondering if anyone has done extractors on a 306 s16, and what are they opinions on them, and yes Phasis i know my car was a bit loud when u seen it but its a lot quiter now, thnak god for that.


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    Aren't the original ones supposedly a work of art?

    I've been told this is the case with the GTi6 motor, and I think the only differences between the S16 and GTi6 engines lie in the induction and management side of things...

    Esscargo do a system with a revised header downpipe. The downpipe incorporates a splitter to divide the pulses, so instead of 4>1 it's effectively 4>2>1. The downpipe has had a lot of development thrown into it, and is tuned for power. It's slightly longer than the original, and places the cat converter further back.

    I'd give them a go, if anyone.


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