Higher octane with late model cars
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    Higher octane with late model cars

    Does anyone have any info about what difference Optimax and octane booster will have on power output.
    I did a dyno on Friday night and got 164hp at the engine. My 306 S16 is only rated for 150, and an extra 14hp seems alot for an exhaust and cone filter. I did have optimax in, so could the extra power be more attributed to this?

    1995 306 S16


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    From what I've read, on an otherwise stock engine, the usual cone filters might gain you (on average) about 2% (if it is drawing cold air), the exhaust might gain you 2-15% (depending on how good it is) and the high octane fuel would allow the computer to take advantage of everything, without having to retard the spark (to avoid pinging). I don't think a 14hp gain is unreasonable, on a 150hp engine, considering you've got these 3 factors working together. After all, it is still less than a 10% improvement.

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