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Thread: Resetting ECU's

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    Resetting ECU's

    Apart from ensuring the negative '-' terminal comes off first, what pre-cautions should I take when disconnecting the battery. I am about to embark on replacing the vacuum solenoid that has been talked about in another discussion, 'Hot Jerky 306XSi'.

    Also, once this part is replaced that is causing the 'check engine' light to stay on for 5 seconds after startup, will it cancel the problem in the ECU's memory???

    Good Friday in the garage, can't wait!!!! Just keep them Hot X buns coming..........

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    Actually As long as you are careful removing it and insulate it properly you shouldn't have to remove the negative side. Removing the negative side first just stops the positive (live) side from arcing on the battery as you remove it or while it floating round the engine bay...that said. If you are working anywhere near the fuel or oil in the engine bay it's probably better to remove the negative as well
    disconnecting the battery will reset the EFI system completely...Make sure you follow the guidelines in the manual, know in the 306 you are supposed to reconnect the battery, turn the ignition to ON for 10 seconds then turn the car over. It'll idle like a bitch for 5 minutes or something like that. Good idea at this stage is to take the car for a thrash cause EFI behaviour (economy, power, or just poor running) is learnt by the ECU early, It's a good way to make sure the EFI is taking advantage of the 98RON fuel you are giving it HINT HINT
    Anyway that's my say on it good luck trying to slide your fingers into the engine bay. May your swearing and cursing not be too bad
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