Another 206 question
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    Another 206 question

    Hi again all,

    I have seen a growing number of engine mods available in one form or another for the 205 GTi. 306 S16 and GTi-6, Mi-16, 406 V6 (drool) all of which require a bit of fabrication work.

    Would the engine from the 206 GTi be a pretty much "drop it in and bolt it up" type of affair (simplified of course) meaning that radiators and the like wont have to be moved about to allow the inlet runners to fit?

    Just an idea if someone ever did punt one off the road and a wreck was available....



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    Well no I wouldnt imagine. You'd have to fabricate engine mounts, blah blah blah...
    Have'nt heard much from Peter T; now if you stuck to your original plan and used the head he's working on (featured in this forum)
    ontop of an xu9j2 block, balance the crank flywheel clutch etc..throw on some weber throttle bodies (or some from the huge jap car parts bins) and you could happily make tire destroying performance, 150 or more hp at the wheels or there abouts.
    Just start doing it, my 405 started with a head gaskit replace ! You know what happened to it !!!

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