R12 Virage - FASTER FASTER!!!
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    R12 Virage - FASTER FASTER!!!


    A few years ago, I was getting my Pug serviced and the mechanic (Fyshwick, ACT) gave me a courtesy car. It was a aqua blue R12 and went like the clappers!

    I am now looking for a stock standard R12 Virage, and wanted to ask who can tell me what kind of mods/expenses I ought to prepare for to make my R12 go fast, stick to the road and sound good.

    Any general and / or specific advice appreciated...



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    what kind of mods/expenses I ought to prepare for to make my R12 go fast, stick to the road and sound good.:
    R17 swaybars are a good idea
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    Find a rusty 17 with good mechanicals (if you can) and bolt all the good bits in.
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    R17 Sway bars will help to keep it a bit flatter round bends.

    Find a good R17 motor and drop that in it.
    1,3/4" exhaust or 2" might make it sound decent.
    I'm not to sure if Extractors on these engines do a great deal, but might be worth thinking about.

    and yea..
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    If i could also suggest that you put in a firmer set of rear springs. Under hard acceleration with a R17 engine, you get a really good view of the bonnet through the windscreen and a close up of asphalt in the rear view mirror (It's a strange sight in a rear view mirror to see a R12/R18 launching hard.....Kind of looks like its about to eat your car!!!)

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    That was the best thing the Nissan Pathfinder springs I put on the back of mine did...stopped the nose up attitude on take off.


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    on another note...couple of days ago i saw a 70 year old lady seemingly trying to race everybody with her beige r12... i followed her from a distance and was surprised how well the 12 took of the lights...i finnally lined up with her at the napean highway intersection (me in my jeep)...she gave me the glare and literally started rewing the car for a drag (some guy pissed her of badly when he cut her of few miles back)...anyway (laughing inside myself) i though i d let her launch of first...and boy she did...made 15 meters on my jeep before i knew what hit me...i finnally planted the gas on the jeep caught up and passed her rather quickly....i can still see the anger in her eyes....geezzz the old folks can hold a grudge...(and i was just a spctator)...still it was very funny...all she needed was a roll cage and some driving gloves...


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