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Let's see if we can finalise once and for all the discussion about valve seats and their suitability for unleaded.

These details are for USA market cars.


Exhaust valve seat P/N 0227.16 to suit XN1 and XNA up to 2.570.000.

Exhaust valve seat from 2.570.001 P/N 0227.43 (1st repair oversize)

From vehicle 2.570.000, the US cars were fitted with a catalytic converter for unleaded fuel, therefore the change in valve seats can be considered to be hardened.

As a comparison, the exhaust valve seat for all Euro (and AUS) market cars (at least until 1983) was P/N 0227.16.

Therefore it can be summised that the exhaust valve seats of a 504 head are not suited for unleaded fuel, probably one of those things to get done when the head is off the car.

Now for 604.

Exhaust valve seat P/N is 0227.35 (1st oversize) for all 604's carb and injection USA, Euro and AUS(at least until 1983). From this it could be summised that the seats are hardened.