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    Hints and tips

    Hey again peeps, I posted this in the other peugeot area but should have posted here... sorry for posting twice

    I have just bought a pug 504, for $250... the gearbox is shot but the engine and clutch are good plus its got loads of other good parts too, such a bargain for $250, I have easily spent that much on spare parts at the wreckers before and I usually got next to nothing for my money!


    The reason I bought it is cause on mine the clutch is going (and would have cost $250 on its own), and my engine has been causing me nothing but grief since I bought my brown Peugeot 504 GL (burning oil, and eating the fuel like its candy I could only get between 250-300km off a full tank which and it is costing me an arm and a leg to keep running it).

    I am going to swap the engine and clutch over myself and I am getting my brother to send me his Hans manual and I have asked friends how I should go about it and they have told me some good pointers...

    I just want to get some more tips and hints on the whole process from people who have done it before, i.e. is there any traps that young players should look out for and is there anything else that might be helpful before I go ahead and pull things out?

    Thanks Floyd

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    When you're about to put the engine back in, make sure that the clutch thrust bearing is on the end of the fork properly and rotated clockwise as much as possible, otherwise you can get everything back together and find that your clutch doesn't work.

    When you drop the engine back in. The first thing to do is bolt the gearbox to it, and then get inside and check that the pedal feels OK, before you do anything else. If it doesn't feel right, you may have to take it out again to check that bearing is still in the right position.

    Also when you're lining the engine up with the gearbox, check that the rear face of the engine is parallel to the bellhousing of the gearbox, to make it easy for the input shaft of the box to find the hole in the back of the crankshaft. You may have to jiggle the engine around for a while before it finds the hole. You may also have to turn the front of the crankshaft at the same time (while the car is in gear) until you feel the spline engage in the clutch, and then it should all suddenly slide together, and you'll be able to bolt the engine to the box.


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