Gti6 motor into my 205
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    Gti6 motor into my 205

    Just thought I'd bring you up to speed on progress (or lack of...)

    I'm actually at the stage of fitting the damn thing now! If I sound frustrated its only because its been about 5 months since I've driven my car and I know I've got at least another couple of months to go.

    Anyway, the 205 gearbox is now fitted with clutch mechanism also sorted. I had to wait a month for fork levers, brackets, speed sensors etc to come from France but thats all in the past now. Got the clutch cable back yesterday. Had a 205/306 hybrid cable made - and Flexible Drive Agencies took their time making it as well.

    In the last week, the engine has gone in and come out, gone in and come out and gone in and come out. Each time I do this I generally break something in the engine bay. This motor is tight as nuns niggit. It also sits at quite an angle (on the original mount positions) so installation requires a few hands to 'twist' the motor to get it onto its three mounting points.


    Right now I'm adjusting the exhaust manifold wedge plate a few mill and fabricating another wedge plate for the brake servo. Unfortunately, the master cylinder fouls with the rocker cover, hence the wedge plate.

    Does anyone know how much pressure the power steering pump produces? Would it be ok to cut and rejoin the rubber power steering hoses with pipe and ring clamps?

    Back to the workshop now, I'll keep you informed as I progress.


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    good to hear that you'v made some progress. sorted out those computer problems from before.
    Have you changed the timing and drive belt whilst the engine is out the car?? also now that its easy fit a pod filter and a sports 2.5" exhaust to the car, it will help you make about 175 BHP and in a 205 that means quick.
    ... ptui!

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    i agree with changing the belts while you have it out of the car
    the serpentine belts are also prone to cracking as well so it will be a good idea to spend the $65 on a new one of those
    saves trying to get it on the engine once it is in there
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    Goat, drop us a line sometime (I'm in Perth as well) I'd love to see how you're going and could possibly lend a hand, having just redone a fair bit of our Mi16 install..

    I caught up with another Aussiefrogs member yesterday (Paul) who came to watch the Promax event at Belmont Park - good fun

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    My 306 manual states that the power steering pump should produce about 100 bar.

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