Weird Exhaust....
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    Weird Exhaust....

    I own a series 1 MI16, I got this car last September, i dont know what mods have been put on it or anything, but i do know that with the exhaust system, there are some really wierd headers.. I've worked with japanese cars a bit, and a cuple of aussie cars as well, i know that when you have a 4 cylinder car you can get a 4 tube header, or 6 cylinder cars can have a 6 tube header.. now the question i am asking is why does my car have an 8 into 1 extraction system as a header? has anyone heard of this before??

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    Your engine is a 16valve engine so has 8 exhaust ports. Your headers have a pipe for each exhaust port. The standard manifold is excellent, you would have a lot of trouble getting an aftermarket item that would flow better.

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