Hi there I have have an 88 205 gti with bendix brakes. I've bought some greenstuff pads and they're the the diagonally opposed ones. The pads currently on the vehicle sit horizonally equal to one another. I know that their was two types of pads setup for the bendix but how do I know which one i have (or if it really matters), as I can put there pads in both configurations. By the way the rotors are warped (maybe the pads weren't supposed to installed that way). Can anyone help - the alternator has just gone as well (peugeot forum).

I've installed Tarox cross drilled,slotted and vented rotors, lower strut brace, upper strut brace. Have some uprated bushes, new anti roll bar links, 16's on 205/45 Toyo S, stainless exhaust, extractors, filter, ICE the list goes on.

Why is it that every time I put some thing new on my car, then something else goes (always expensive). I've spent thousands and if I didn't love the car (and flogging everything around the twisty bits) I'd get rid of her. Ownership is rewarding and frustrating - Is it a French thing?