ABS/traction control
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    ABS/traction control

    with all these threads talking about more power i got to thinking
    how hard if you have ABS fitted to a car would it be to modify the setup and include traction control ?
    if it can be done then fitting such a system to some of these 504/505's with their new sooped up power plants could be very benificial
    any thoughts ?

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    The Golf VR6s have a traction control system that applys brake pressure on each front disc. Personally, I think it's a bit of a hack effort - surely this would introduce major strains on drivetrain components if you were thrashing the car all the time?

    I think if money was to be spent on getter the power down, the peugeot sport limited slip diff and some semi slicks would be the go - this would certainly help getting the power down around corners... without out slowing you down.

    I also think a little bit of spin off the line makes for a quicker start, if we're talking straight line stuff - you'd have to really try with an LSD and semis though!


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