505/4 engine swaps: Volvo turbos
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    505/4 engine swaps: Volvo turbos

    I was cruising home in my 505 STi last night thinking about engine swaps, PRVs and non-Pug engines when I suddenly realised Volvos have a few "performance" turbo models (<a href="http://www.turbobricks.org">like these</a>)

    My logic goes: If a Volvo PRV will bolt in with just a modded bellhousing and modded mounts, will a Volvo 4-cylinder (or 5?) turbo bolt in with the same mods (plus an exhaust)?

    Does anyone have general comments on these engines or this idea? Does anyone know which turbo Volvos were sold here, if any?

    Would these engines be too heavy for a 505/4?


    (for those who advocate the V6 upgrades - power to you, I bet those cars go fast with a lot of torque - but it's not for me.)

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    Volvo turbos,

    there were the 740 Turbos, 940 Turbos for the 4 cylinders (240 turbos weren't sold here) - from the 80s & early 90s. 2.3l, 8 valve engines were good for about 120kW.

    850/S70 are the next batch of 5cyl turbos. Expect 166kW for the standard T5, and up to 185kW for the R/higher performance turbos.



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    correct me if i am wrong but were'nt the 850's and later models FWD ?
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    Yes :p they were.

    So you are only looking at the 740/760 and 940 series
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