405 Mi16 has lost power
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    405 Mi16 has lost power

    It's much slower since I replaced plugs, air-filter and gently tidied up the rotor and dizzy cap(with wet and dry). My not very car-observant wife says "that happened as soon as you fiddled with it". She may have no idea though. Can't see what I did wrong. Sounds like a fuel filter co-incidentally has clogged. She told me this tonight. I drove it and it's true. Doesn't feel like the cam-belt has jumped a tooth, just feels slower at all speeds. But I only have 12 hours til she hops in it and drives 600 km's. Since the Backyard Blitz people or Angry Anderson seem to be absent I ask for suggestions. It misfired once on acceleration too.

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    TRY higher octane fuel (ie optimax) and have a look at what type of oil is in it! might be something simple, perhaps it only FEELS slower, now, as it might be smoother??? good luck Warwick.
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    Warwick (and other Pug owners here) do you know if the Mi16 has a 'limp home' mode when something goes wrong with the engine management? A complete punt here, but check any sensor wires on the engine management around where you were working, plus the O2 sensor wire on the manifold. If some engine management systems can't get the information they need to work (such as when a wire's come off) they resort to a limp home mode, with slightly retarded timing and a fixed mixture. Makes them sluggish. I only suggest this because nothing you've done should have an effect. Unless the plug leads went back on the wrong plugs



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