Injector part # & flow rates?
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    Injector part # & flow rates?

    Can any one help with injector flow rates and part numbers to suit a Mi16 (XU9J4Z) engine. I intend to upgrade injectors to ones with a 5-10% better flow rate and preferably a muti nozzle tip. Bosch Australia won't release this information due to "ADR regulations and Bosch policy

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    I found this data at <a href="," target="_blank">,</a> so can't vouch for its accuracy. I do know that 205 and 405 share the same injector.
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    I don't think you're on the right track though. Have you had a look at the mixtures with a fast acting O2 sensor under load? After having the injectors cleaned? I think you'll find the mixtures very good and difficult to improve on. The same cannot be said for the XU9J4 engine. Moving to a multispray injector may improve air/fuel mixing at low revs, but I suspect the long stroke design already creates considerable air velocity, so the improvement would be minimum.
    I don't think adding 5-10% more fuel everywhere is necessarily a good thing. A cheaper way to achieve the same result initially, is take the vacuum hose off the fuel regulator. This will give you an indication if it likes more fuel at part throttle, but not under full load. The vacuum decreases fuel pressure. So removing it, will give you 2.5bar under all conditions. Another cheaper alternative, is to buy a variable fuel regulator from Peugeot Motorsport. Parts are available over the web.

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