205 Mi16 Conversion ELECTRICAL WIRING
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    205 Mi16 Conversion ELECTRICAL WIRING

    Guys (and Gals?),

    I am as I speak, currently doing the Mi16 conversion myself to my '93 205 GTI. I have chosen to use the Citroen BX 16 Valve motor (99% same as Peugeot 405 Mi16 1.9L motor) as:
    1) Unlike Peugeot, Citroen used a single, self-contained and reliant, dedicated engine loom to run the BX 16 Valve motor which is obviously going to be much easier to install and figure out; and;
    2) The Citroen inlet manifold (although looking identical to Peugeot's) is supposed to have a tighter curvature, allowing more clearance with the radiator in the 205's engine bay.

    Anyway, now that all are aware of what car I have and what engine and loom I am using, I remember reading on the old '205gtidrivers.com' forum, that there are only 4 or 5 (?) wires that need to be joined to bridge the existing cars' electrics with the 16 Valve motor's electrics???

    Although I should be able to figure them out for myself, I'd prefer to also get a few fellow-resident Aussie's configurations (and agreement) before I turn the power on!!!

    Ben Deguio may be able to help me out???


    Wire colours, locations on plugs (in fuse-trays???) and in particular WIRE NUMBERS would be most useful!!!

    Thanks in advance all!!!

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    can i ask you some Questions about what you have done? where you got the motor, how difficult it was to put in and how much it has all cost you? please get back to me^^! Cj

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    205Gti16V, I have a 205-Mi16 with the same BX motor installed + quad throttle-bodies etc. The wiring in mine is a bit of a mess at the moment with a Wolf-3D computer installed.

    It is currently in the process of having all of the wiring stripped out and a new Autronics SMC computer installed. I have been collecting documents on Mi16 wiring and found the following document/email that I think might help you out. Apologies to the original author for not remembering who you are:-

    Document starts..
    16 Valve Loom

    I always use a Citroen BX loom and the components that work with the Mi16 engine, ie. ECU. The BX loom is pretty easy to fit as it's a self contained engine loom, unlike the 405 Mi16 loom. The specification is actually shown in Haynes BX manual, so Haynes do sometimes have a use other than starting a bonfire.

    You can install the ECU under the dash or drivers seat and the loom just needs an ignition switched live feed from the fusebox and a couple of other feeds. It then just plugs into the Mi16 components and the 205 fuel pump. You'll need to employ the flywheel position/speed sensor and depending on the model of gearbox you have, you'll probably need to drill out the belhousing to fit it (you'll see the casting is already there). This is easy enough to do with a black & decker + same size drill as the sensor head. Also file off the casting so the sensor clearance is per specification.

    The yellow wire in the loom needs an ignition live( thick red wire on small brown plug inside car)

    The thin green wire from the coil plug goes to thin grey wire no. 112b on small brown plug inside car

    The yellow wire on the ECU plug is the fuel pump feed and should be connected to white wire no. 76 on the small brown plug

    The thick blue wire in the loom is the 12v supply and should be connected to a spade terminal in the black box bolted to the slam panel

    You need to strip the sensor loom from your 8v engine and use it to run the 16v engine.

    James remove the complete injection loom from the donor vehicle, ECU is under the R/H front seat, remove the ECU and then the loom starting from this point, disconnect all the plugs along the way making a note of where they all plug in, there’s not much to it really, there’s a main feed from the battery,(thick blue or grey wire),live feed to the fuel pump,(thick yellow wire),ignition switching live,(thicker one of two on white connector on new loom, thinner one goes to rev counter),various earths (ring terminals),use sensor wiring from your 205's injection loom, all wires going to brown connector under steering column, and connect these to the sensors on the 16v engine, disregarding the oil level one on the back of the block(not used on 205),& all the wire that went to the various bits of the ignition/injection components that i assume you marked before removing engine.

    Document ends..
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