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Thread: s1 or s2 head

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    s1 or s2 head

    I have a s1 205 gti, but it may have a s2 head (writing on the head, newish gasket and the car goes), is there a way of identifying which head I have - stamping? The compresion for s1 is about 8.5 right? cheers

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    Yes, comp was 8.4:1 from memory. But dunno how you tell them apart. A quick look at the combustion chamber would tell you but I can't think of a single hospital that would let you use their keyhole surgery cameras to take a look. Must be another way.
    Check if it's getting more fuel (i.e. hotted up) by looking at the fuel reg. S1's had 2.5 bar, and S3's had 3.0 bar. This is not answering your question though. In short I dunno.
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