Extra 205 Neg. Camber
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    Extra 205 Neg. Camber

    I had a break through today. I've had some 309 wishbones for some time, but I've been reluctant to use them with the std. 205 drive shafts. The 309 wishbones are 15mm longer. Guess how much longer BX16V driveshafts are? 15mm.


    All I need now are some S2 205 hubs and I'll be set.

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    COol... Let me know how you go Peter as I'm still frustrated with my 1 degree max negative camber despite my adjustable strut-tops!

    Strange that you say the bx16v driveshafts are longer because as far as I know that is what I am running in my 205 Mi16 (with the bx16v gearbox) and I still have the standard 205 lower wishbones - how would that work?

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