205 s2/3 wiper arm ?
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    Default 205 s2/3 wiper arm ?

    i replaced the indicator/wiper stalks on my s1 gti for the s2 round type arms.
    the indicator stalk works with everything operating.
    the wiper stalk has a small problem.
    the plug for the rear wiper/washer is a 3 wire/pin plug.
    the s1 wiper has only a 2wire/pin plug.
    2 questions.
    whats the third wire for
    when you operate rear wiper does it wipe once or does it stay on continuasly till clicked off in the s2/3
    the s1 wiper control only makes one wipe and then stops.
    i thought the third wire may be for the continuous operation.
    evrything else works fine and they look alot better than the skinny square type.


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    Hi Bazz,
    I'm pretty sure in S2/3 GTis the wiper keeps running if you leave it switched on. I'm not sure about the wiring though.
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    again dunno bout 3rd wire but my si stays on
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