Sat Nav with multimedia head units
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    Default Sat Nav with multimedia head units

    Hey Fellas

    I've been looking around and I stumbled upon the following multimedia head unit from alpine (iva-d900r). The brochure states that the screen can be used for navigation (sat nav from what I gather). So how does this work? Is it simply a case that the screen just replicates the info from the handheld gps unit or does it do more? Also what gps units work with this setup?

    Your thoughts are appreciated


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    Id ASSUME that it would have a gps inbuilt and you can view it on the screen.
    car satnavs have pictures of the strrets at birds eye view or at land height view.
    they also remember journeys and suggest quicker routes.
    they also have a voice prompt so you dont have to take your eyes off the road.
    alpine is a fine brand.
    the price will be a hint.
    under $1000 and it will not have gps inbuilt.-BAZZ

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