1296 Pistons and Liners
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    Default 1296 Pistons and Liners

    What would have to happen to fit a set of 1296 pistons and liners in to an 1108 G or regular 1108 block? I've got an R1134 head, 40mm Dellortos (would I need 45s?).


    Would I have to have the block machined and would it be unreliable? Am I missing anything?

    As an afterthought, what is the interchangability (if that's a word) of Renault Motor bits. I know that the 1108 head and block have offset cylinder spacing, so they are not interchangeable with the 1255, 1.4, etc, but what about other models? Is there a source online for that info?

    Can you use an alpine 1600 head on a Renault R5T block?
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