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    Hey people i have a pug 505 SR and i was woundering how i can make it run faster? it has a carbi and i know it has 71 killowatts, i just was woundering how i could make it have more power?


    any help would be good )


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    Peddle faster.

    What is your budget.

    Start by emptying it of [email protected] and a good tune.
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    yes.. go nuts with weight reduction.. got a toe bar.. use it often? Get rid of it.. what about a spare wheel.. when is the last time you needed it? throw it away,

    I bet ya that clock in your dash doesnt work.. bin in, still got the crumblaing plastic around the seat belts. bin them along with the crumbaling shround near the rear window, What about the carpet.. getting a bit tady isnt it, be done with it, Haveing said that, those rear seats now look silly sitting there without any carpet, out with them, and teh seat belts. since no one is in the back, dont need that door trim, and while the door trim is out, migt as well take out the window mechanism and just glue the windows up.

    Now there done you can throw out the handels, nobs, and all that insulated plastic inside the door. Along with that, the outar bit of metal that all the door gear was attached to, cut it out, and since now you have access to the anti-intrussion bars, piss em of

    now your dash.,. cracked and shit looking aint it. Throw it out, and when was the last time that air conditioner worked, out she comes, since thats out, dont need the controls either, so might as well take out the whole center console and plumbing, and now the glove box looks silly sitting by itself, out she comes.

    That should bring your weight down to at least 1200kg.. Its a start

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