206 engine racing then stalling
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    Default 206 engine racing then stalling


    My 206 (yr2000) started to race while i was driving it a couple of months ago, then would sometimes stall. took it to peugeot garage but they could not 'recreate the fault'. i thought maybe it was just my imagination, or my driving!


    i have figured out now that this only seems to happen when the engine is cold, it races when idling before i set off or soon after i have started out. the stalling occurs when i try to pull away at a junction while the engine is racing. it dies completely and can be hard to re-start.

    any ideas will be v useful - before something goes into the back of me!!!!!

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    Not a mechanic, but could it be the O2 sensor or the temp sensor?
    Racing engine is made so by the ecu, that sounds like it's pumping petrol at the start...or maybe the 'choke' control, again by the ecu..sure others have clear picture

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