Carburettor model query
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    Default Carburettor model query

    Just a query regarding the carby model on my car. It's a Weber 84 DRTM 14/100 (as stamped on the little tag), and as far as I can make out, it's the original carburettor. But by all accounts I have come accross these cars were fitted with a Weber 32-34 DRTC model.
    Can someone explain this? What are are the differences between them (ie what the figures and letters mean)?
    It has a manual choke.

    1999 406SV (D8)
    1986 BX19GT

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    Seems to be one of lifes little mysteries with BXs.
    I was always of the opinion that the prefix letters were denoting the model and the numbers the size of the throats (ie) 32mm 1st throat and 34mm second throat but then I had a strange inexplicable set of numbers on my 16Trs and when I spoke to the Weber man in Brisbane, a company that specialised in carby particularly Weber repairs, it was a case of him commenting on the number being a strange one, but then just accepting it as though strange numbers at times were the norm on imported cars.
    Mine also had a manual choke. Mine also had an idle 70 jet instead of a 45 as per the specs sheet and that amongst a couple of other things made a big difference to the fuel consumption when I set mine up as per service manual spec (45 idle being one of them).

    Alan S
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