dropped in to see my mechanic on friday for a social hello and to borrow some tools.
he told me a horror story about a range rover he was rebuiding.
the motor was outsoucred to an engine refurbisher to replace the liners which in a range rover have to be pressed into the block.
when they did this they cracked the lip of the liner but not enough to be evident on inspection.
after reassembling the engine ,it was started up and idled for about 2-3 minutes.
when the other mechanic went to gently rev it,it gave out one of those expensive sort of sounds like things being mashed up inside.
the piston ring caught in the cracked liner and ripped the crown of the piston off with the liner lip and sent it up in the combustion chamber and flatened the bottom of the spark plug,not to mention the rest of the damage.
its been a nightmare for him .not to mention the cars owner who is still waiting for his car.