tips on cam belt etc.
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    Default tips on cam belt etc.

    we are doing the cambelt,water pump and tensioner on tuesday and would like any relevant tips on this procedure .have read the haines but would like any input or handy tips not covered in this fine publication.[smirk]
    do we need a new seal for the water pump ?
    is this included in the vrs kit?
    the dizzy seal is.
    by the way where can you buy a sump plug tool for the 205 gti pug.
    i just broke the one i had.
    ta veddy mooch-BAZZ


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    make sure the came belt has the correct no of teeth!

    make sure crank and cam are in the correct place

    replace crank seal while you ar there, easy to do, lever the old one out being careful not to dammage block, take not of where it was tho so you know how far to bang the new one in. hit the new one in with hammer and punch (carefully), remember to put some eng oil on the inside of the new seal, the edge that sits aroud crank.

    wouldnt recomend doing cam seal. its a dog to get them in as u cant use a hammer. have to use socket and lever bar...

    should have new water pump gasget. we use the right stuff on our gasgets at work... its good stuff, wear gloves tho. get it from bursons.

    sump plug tool from european auto imports. i think

    have fun it aint too hard so you shouldnt have any dramas

    be careful with water pump bolts... one broke on me once (on my car) and it aint fun to re tap etc. this was out of the car too!
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