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Thread: PRV performance

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    Default PRV performance

    well after fitting the new bosch super4's today and putting water in the bottle for the water injection the car performed very well

    i did notice a drop in power on the return trip home though and when i lifted the bonnet to check i found that i had used all the water in the bottle and i estimated that i had lost around 10-15hp on the way home

    after topping up with water again to check to make sure it wasn't my imagination the power was back up again


    amazing what a little bit of water can do

    with the new plugs in the car seems to idle better althouth the old plugs weren't that old and when i pulled them out and checked each cylinder was performing well and the plugs were a perfect colour

    i generally pull the plugs and check them every 1k km's just to make sure everything is running right

    i know it's a little overkill to keep check on it but at least i know what is going on internally

    when it hits 10k i'll do a comp test as well

    when i built the engine i had trouble keeping the guage in the plug holes due to the amount of pressure there was in the engine but even then i was getting readings of 220 across the board

    be interesting to see what the readings are at 10k as standard 604 engines are around 180 when new and drop to around 140-150 when run in but seeing as i'm not running standard rings it will be interesting

    one thing though i know it was pretty cool when i was outside checking everything at around 10pm oh the joys of working 3 jobs
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    Default PRV Performance

    When the water runs out you are sucking air, equivalent to a vacuum leak, so performance will suffer. Pretty good guesser at how much power a horse has?
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