"2.2l prv[ un motivated ]project ,the motor has -forged pistons, gapless rings, double valve springs, a mild port on head all work done at bryant enginering qld the engin will take 17 psi + with no stress. alot spent buy a fello froger who planned to put the motor in a 504 , my plan was the fuego but never came about and now i have a late model import so need the cash. Was going to run the moter on gas so if the buyer is interested i have a gas reserch throtel body, converter and bits plus a 505td turbo. motor has not been run in yet, the head gaskit has not even been cracked in.
$1000 motor, 600 $gas gear, $300 turbo
motor had
$3000 spent on the motor i paid a 1000 so will sell for ownly that price in repect for henry {geekepimp}. thanks


I attempted to contact both 'Geekepimp' and 'Fuego83' regarding the above post from (mid 2004) to no avail. Does anyone know if this was sold?
If not is anyone in contact with either of the aforementioned members? Very keen to track them down.

PS Apologies for listing this in T & P forum, however I am hoping that someone on here may be able to help.