Where's "Oscar"?
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    Default Where's "Oscar"?

    I had a dream that "rustymunga" had been given the heave ho from Aussie Frogs.
    Imagine my surprise on scrolling thru the fora to find "Oscar" is missing today.

    Have my dreams come true or has he been sprung? I've been following his adventures with planned RX7 repowering and then something about Hi lux and Lambo' diffs then finally his career in go-karts.
    Despite good advice on all these subjects he then posts that when he gets his kart he will give it a good thrashing on the local roads!!
    Around this time I started to wonder if "Oscar" was just posting to create a wind up?
    I believe that "Oscar" is of tender years so I should maybe allow for this. If he is about to launch himself into the real world and on to the roads we can only hope someone can give him some guidance.


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    For a while there I thought you meant "the Grouch" ...

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    Wildebeest, i reckon that is a bit rough.. While he has talked a bit of crap (not related to french cars anyway) he seems to mean well, and has probably just been caught up in the brilliant social scene that is aussiefrogs... He is only 17 or something so perhaps his understanding of what is appropriate is limited....? Either way, i think he started some interesting discussion... (like how the perfect first car is a Rx7 turbo... )
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