PRV Fitment into 404s
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    Default PRV Fitment into 404s

    As a lot of you will know, there is a 404 getting around in Victoria with a PRV V6 in it.

    There's a 404 Wagon in my driveway with a clapped out gearbox (floorshift, admittadly), and a PRV V6 with Traumatic gearbox looking for a car.

    From what I can gather, most of it is a fairly bolt in procedure, there's already a hole in the floor that I can mount a 504 auto gear selector to, and the only other concern is the engine mounts.

    I've used early 504 engine mounts to fit the 2 litre motor that it has at the moment to the 404 crossmember.

    The question of the day would be:

    Can a 504/505/604 crossmember be modified to fit into a 404, so that I can use the 604 engine mounts;



    What combination of engine mounts would work to fit the V6 to the 404 crossmember;


    Do I have to make custom mounts?

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    The two 404s that have PRVs in them both have engine mounts and headers made by the same person, a few other kits have also been sold around the country. All these bits are home made/faricated nothing off the shelf is likely to work.

    If you are genuinely interested (too many dreamers and gunna's in AF land) I will get you a price or put you in contact with the said person.
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