84 auto 505 wagon idle's rough.....sometimes
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    Default 84 auto 505 wagon idle's rough.....sometimes

    I am fixing this car up for a regretable sale......


    after doing quite a few things to it originally, and living with the smaller quirks, it was fantastic, but now due to forced sale, i need to fix this idle problem....

    the thing is, it idles puuuuuuuurrrrrrrrfectly sometimes, but whenever it decides to be a pain, it starts to idle rough, and on acceleration from a standstill, it sometimes runs rough, wont pick up revs, and has no power, and so crawls out of the lights much to the anoyance of drivers behind me.....

    if one is to put ones foot to the floor, one finds this makes no differance initially, but after 5 seconds or so, it then jumps to life and kicks down into first and roars off (not good for engine at all, sounds horrible)

    it is fitted with the solex carby with automatic choke, and im not very impressed with the automatic choke arrangement at all, when it works its fantastic, but when it fails the car can be almost undriveable...........i am sorely tempted (and probably will) to change the carb for an earlier 504 solex with manual choke, that i have in the shed.

    i dunno if its the carb that causes this eratic driving behaviour, or if it is the eletronic ignition, as in the past few rainy days it seemed to play up quite noticably more then the ussual. the accelerator pump works, and i have changed the waxstat thingo in the choke, to no avail...

    anyhelp is greatly appreciated, i want to do this car justice when i sell it, after all the work done on it when i first bought it, it would be a waste to do a half job..........


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    sounds like a mixture problem
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