yep thats right,i put new bushes in about 18 mnths ago and they are already stu-fed.
apparently leaking engine oil got in them and they swell up as a result and are now stuffed.
i had a problem with the car pulling to the left when accelarating and coming back when decelerating .this turned out to be the bushes.
also i got a brand new genuine drive shaft about 18 mnths ago also.this has a problem with the clip that holds on the has only leaked a small amount of grease and we werer able to fixz it with a cable tie.
and of course peugeot are no help-12 mnths or 20,000 km im told they are warrantied for.
mine is 18 mnths old and under 20,000km.
basically they dont want to know about it.
pretty rank i reckon,you would think that something that cost 480 bucks would last longer than 18 mnths.
oh yeah ,go to caravelle for your bush needs as they do a really good price.[ring for quote]-BAZZ