205 top end rattle
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    Default 205 top end rattle



    I've a 1988 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 and have a clattery top end. i've changed the oil with elf competition gt (Semi synthetic) 10w40. It's fairly quiet on startup but noisier when warm.
    1. would going to a full synthetic oil quieten things down
    2. or changing to a 15w50 grade
    3. Are the tappets adjustable.

    Thanks in advance
    Kind Regards

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    aparently its not a good idea to change to fully synthetic oil on an engine that has been run on mineral oil unless you do a full motor flush.
    that has good and bad points in itself on a motor with a bit of k's on it.
    now i f your 205 has more than say 150,000 km on it ,you should be running 20w 50.
    this i have been told by a couple of peugeot mechanics.
    i find most 205 gti motors ive heard to be a bit rattly anyway.
    i had my valve clearances done with a major cambelt service at about 160,000 and mine is still rattly.
    i actually put some thicker oil in around the hotter mnths[1 ltre /5ltr] to keep the oil pressure up but run 20 w 50 most of the year.
    i know people that run 15 w 50 but i personally find that mine runs quieter with 20 w 50.
    actually that should read 20 w 60 as its the penrite i use and thats how it comes.
    get a haynes if you dont have one and it should answer most of the technical motor questions in regard to tappet adjustment.-BAZZ

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