206 gti 180 AWD...you can do it!
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    Default 206 gti 180 AWD...you can do it!

    Well guys since everyone is talking about wanting to modify their 206 gti 180 (for those who have one), i have been doing a lot of research and have contacted the guys the do all the work for the WRC Peugeot team...and to my suprise it wasnt that bad as far as price goes...really. The only thing that was expensive was the 6 speed sequential gearbox that Xtrac offers...but the awd system is pretty resonable...here is what they said...

    THe awd system:

    Dear Sir,

    Yes, we have slip differential...

    The gear box (with crabot) is available in 2 versions :
    - 14 x 62 : RC16801-00 cost 7100 euros HT
    - 12 x 57 : RC16800-00 cost 7100 euros HT

    The slip differential : RC19704-00 cost 2446 euros HT.
    The transmission : RC19924-00 and RC19925-00 cost 1060 euros HT.

    These parts are only for our gear box.

    Best Sporting Regards


    6 speed sequential:

    Thank you for your enquiry about a gearbox for your Peugeot 206 GTI 180. With regards to our '416' 6 speed FWD sequential please find attached an information pack with all relevant details and prices. In the meantime if you require any further assistance please contact me. Thank you again for your enquiry.


    Oliver Holmes

    Customer Management Co-ordinator

    Telephone: (01635 293852)

    Facsimile: (01635 293700)

    E-mail: [email protected]

    if you want to see the full info let me know...otherwise here is the prices:
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    Ouch - 13,190 stg for the gearbox - and you'd have to get 2 people who want one!!!!

    I'm not sure but I'd be thinking you would have to make substantial modifications to the floorpan to provide all the mounting points for the tailshaft, rear diff, etc. You'd also have to change the rear suspension as well I'd imagine.

    I'm sure it would be awesome when it's done but I think that it would be cost effective.

    The guys at Dimma have developed a 206 WRC replica that's based around cosworth running gear: http://www.dimmasales.co.uk/index.html?main.html That looks like it could be the go - but it requires a modified shell and all sorts of mods!
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