Re-tempering (504) fromt springs
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    Default Re-tempering (504) fromt springs

    Is there anything magical about the process of retempering old springs on the assumption that they've "lost" their tempering through years of use? Further, can any local retempering match original specification? If not, does this really matter?
    I'm open to responses including a local company that can do this tempering competently. Please spring(!) a response to me.


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    Dont know the answer to your question,but my experience with springs ,leads me to warn you about so called original specs. I had some springs made at a reputable factory,and was assured that they would be original fuego spec.Foolishly I believed the dude had the correct specs.They were totaly useless as they were way too hard,and they made the car sit about 100mm too high.Of course I didn't find this out untill they were fitted, so at the end of the day, I'd put my life and limb at risk changing springs x2, just to be back where I started from,and $300 lighter!!
    One other thing I learned was that french suspension is bloody good, and its easy to bugger things up by thinking that improvements can be achieved easily.
    So for me its factory specs all the way.(Renault factory,that is)

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    I had a set of 404 springs retempered for a bloke once which were entirely satisfactory, brought them back close to original. Trouble is, it was a long time ago and I don't remember the springworks, somewhere that Regans spares put me onto, I think out Box Hill way. It used to be fairly common to retemper the front transverse leaves in the 203/403.

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