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Thread: 307 thermo fan

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    Default 307 thermo fan

    Hello all,
    Re 307 1,6HDI thermo fan.

    After a trip Moorooka to Indooroopilly Shoppingtown at 4,15pm this afternoon - coolish ambient temps...stopped at parcel pickup for 10 minutes....then driving home.......car running cool.....nothing out of the ordinary except Engine Diagnostic warning lamp comes on & car stalls at traffic lights & then thermo fan comes on.....stays on after parking at home.....on for about 20-25 minutes before it switches itself off.
    I was considering pulling the fuse out so battery would not be flattened when the fan cut out.
    Car was not running hot.

    Peugeot Assistance called.....very unimpressed with the "technician"....he asked whether it had a "turbo timer" - was surprised to hear that it didn't....I got the impression that he didn't recognise that it was a diesel despite the large HDI logo on the tappet cover & seemed surprised that it had a turbo.

    I hope that he is not typical of all the Peugeot Assistance "technicians".


    The "technician" could offer no solution to the problem except that perhaps the fan stays on for that length of time to cool down the engine bay - I would hate to think how long it would stay on after an all day roadtrip.

    So,has anyone have suggestions as to what the problem could be?
    How long should the fan continue to run?

    My wife is contacting City Peugeot tomorrow & will take the car to them Friday afternoon.

    Any positive feedback,advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

    280km old & a problem (?) already !!!!

    Thanks in anticipation,

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    Hi Richard,

    My next door neighbor has just changed over his two year old 307HDI Sedan to a new 307 HDI wagon, and has the time comment about the thermo fan staying on after the engine is turned off for a lengthy period of time. He was going to check with Regans.

    My experience is that this is not uncommon on many cars...but not 20 mins.......my current VW Caravelle 2.5 5 cylinder petrol does the same thing but only for short period of time, but not 20 to 25mins!!!

    The VW also has a little fan to cool injectors, to combat the injector hot soak. Sounds like a small motor buzzing.

    I will let you know iof the neighbor gets an answer.


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    I have experienced the same situation with my new 307 HDi and I was also concerned that it might be a fault and the battery might go flat etc.

    Some enquiries to Peugeot returned the explanation that the operation of the fan on the new HDi (FAP) models occurs in two situations - high engine temperature as expected and also during certain times in the operation cycle of the FAP particle filter system. If the FAP cycle is in progress when the engine is stopped, the fan will continue to run for a number of minutes before eventually switching off. I have had mine run for 10+ minutes before switching off.


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    steven307 is right. the fan is controlled by the management system as part of the particle filter system. depending on certain conditions the fan will continue to run until the regeneration process is complete.

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    I purchased a new 307 1.6 HDi Touring from Regans in Melbourne last month. The car was for my wife and she has mentioned the fan "running on" on two occasions, neither of which could be related to overheating. Contacting the dealer service tech proved to be a waste of time, with the gentleman concerned giving a very good impression of someone who did not want to be bothered by customers.

    I contacted Peugeot Assistance as listed in their website, only to find out that I was talking to the contractor who handled the roadside breakdown side of things. The gentleman I spoke to was eager to help but admitted that his company handled different makes of cars and, to be honest, he knew very little about the more esoteric features of Peugeots.

    I tried the next number as listed on the site and actually got to speak with someone from Peugeot. The young lady promised to put my questions about the fan to the techs and get back to me, which she did and the answer was as Steven307 and pugtech described.

    Owing to the lack of information in the owner's manual, I again contacted Regan's service people to ascertain the spec regarding oils, coolants and sundry fluids. The standard responses to all questions were "You have to take the car to a Peugeot dealer" or "You have to use the Peugeot product".

    I pointed out that there may not necessarily be a Peugeot dealer lurking behind every tree in this wide brown land and that it may be handy for me to know what type of oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant may be used. I felt as though I was asking for the keys to the Crown Jewels.

    Eventually he admitted that Peugeot did not in fact make their own oil, and a 5w-40 Synthetic could in fact be used. Further arm twisting and bamboo slivers under the eyelids revealed that any stock standard brake fluid could also be utilised.

    When it came to coolant and the question of whether a product such as "Nulon" (Green) was suitable he was stuck. He had never heard of it. He finally suggested if for some reason there was a dearth of itinerant Peugeot Coolant peddlars passing by just as the radiator hose blew, I could just use water to get me to the welcoming haven of the nearest dealer, however many 1000s of km that may be.

    Has anyone else experienced this attitude regarding the provision of basic information, or have I just been lucky in encountering a service manager who appears to believe that it his job to make things as difficult as possible for the new customer? It is almost as though it is an "ordeal by fire" to determine if you are sufficiently worthy to own the car.

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